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  • 2 Top Rated Best Protein Bars Recipes

    There are many recipes that you can try to make protein bars. You will find many bars with different flavors or amounts of protein available in them. They are great to grab to get quick energy as you will be able to eat them whenever and where ever you want. They are great to grab before a workout to get enough energy for a session. You can eat these bars as it will not affect your weight loss training.

    You will be able to make them easily, and they are also good for your health. This is the most convenient food that you can carry while traveling or doing something. You may think that the bars are filled with a lot of sugar that is not considered very healthy. However, that’s not the case; these protein bars are made because it is health-friendly. They are the best option if you are on a diet and want some flavors with energy.

    Here are the few protein bars mentioned:

    1.     Peanut Butter Protein Bars

    These protein bars are made from peanut butter, as you would know by the name. They may not be fudgy, but they are crunchy and great in taste.

    • Ingredients

    You will need to add 1 cup of peanut butter with 2 cups of instant oats and various other ingredients like ⅓ cup honey, two tablespoons flax seeds, two tablespoons coconut oil, and two scoops of protein powder; you can choose any that you like and two pinches of salt.

    • Method of making the bars

    Add these ingredients to a bowl and mix it by putting salt. Make sure it is at room temperature.

    If required, use the double boil method to melt it. Next, add some coconut oil and form a lumpy mixture. Then place it into a baking tray and spread properly. Then put them in refrigerate.

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    2.     Chocolate Protein Bar

    These are great in flavor and make up a great mix of healthy ingredients. You can make these chocolate bars easily.

    • Ingredients

    These are the required ingredient you will need ¼ cup cocoa powder, four tablespoons of butter, two tablespoons cashew, ¼ cup milk, two tablespoons almonds, two tablespoons choco chips, one tablespoon vanilla extract, 1 cup muesli, and 1 cup jaggery powder.

    • Method of making the bars

    Take a pan and add jaggery powder, cocoa powder, milk, and butter. Mix them properly until they are properly blended. Once the mixture gets smooth, turn the heat off and add other ingredients like muesli, cashew, almonds, choco chips, and vanilla extract and mix them. Now take a baking tray, apply butter paper, and pour the mixture on the tray. Spread it evenly and let it cool down. And your chocolate bar would be ready.


    The recipes mentioned above are one of the best that you can use to make two popular protein bars. After reading the above information, you will be able to learn the recipe for making protein bars.